ScoreSight is a powerful real-time OCR application for scoreboards, videos and games

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How to Download and Install ScoreSight

Downloading ScoreSight for your operating system is a simple process. Visit the releases to find the download links.


If your browser alerts you for a virus warning when downloading ScoreSight like so:

alt text

This is a false alarm issue by Microsoft and Google. To bypass this alarm and download the file you may need to temporarily disable the Windows Defender that issues the alarm and prevents the file download. This is simple to do, and you can undo it right after downloading ScoreSight to resume protection of your PC.

Open Windows Security by pressing the Windows Key and enter “Windows Security”

alt text

Click “App and Browser Control”

alt text

Click “Reputation Based protection”

alt text

And disable the “Check Apps and Files” and “SmartScreen for Microsoft Edge” options.

alt text

Then download ScoreSight again. This time the download should go through and the file will be available on your PC. Re-enable the two options above to resume protecting your computer from malicious software.

If you are having problems with the download still please reach out on

To install on Windows, simply click the .zip file and then the .exe setup installer inside.

alt text

Once the setup is complete, ScoreSight will be available as an application.

If you get an error of a virus (which is a false alarm) like so

alt text

Make sure to disable real-time protection

alt text

Mac OS

On Mac OS ScoreSight comes as packaged .app application which doesn’t need installation.

Download the .dmg archive:

alt text

Double click and optionally drag the file to your Applications folder:

alt text

ScoreSight should now be available as an application.